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About Us

When a client comes to us with a problem or specific need, we look for a unique insight and use it to create the best possible solution. And then we go bigger and ask how we could push this to a new more awesomerAwesomer: To be even more awesome than the person or thing that is awesome. place.

How do we do this? Well we have a small but dedicated expert team based in the heart of Brisbane which is backed up by our larger sister company in the UK. If we can’t do it, they will be happy to help. They’ll even work through the night, literally, making us a true 24 hour full service agency.

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If you want to know more, stop by our office for a coffee or get in touch and we’ll be happy to tell you about everything we’ve achieved for our clients in our first six months.

Our Services

For communications experts, agency types always seem to stumble on their words when they try to explain their service offering.

Some list every possible service in the marketing menagerie, while others seem to invent words like “Advertainment” that leave everyone confused.

As a full service agency, we like to think we could help you, no matter what you need. So it seemed more logical to break our services into 3 key stages that you might currently find yourself in.


Every project has to start somewhere. Whether you’d like a PR strategy for the year, you need the thinking behind a multi-channel creative campaign, or if you want a new website that works intuitively with your users, this stage is vital.

If you want all of that? Even better, our team of experts will work together to give you a truly integrated approach.



This is where great ideas and insight come to life. We take the strategy and creative thinking then use it to craft everything from stunning graphic visuals, to in-depth crisis communications guides.

Our creative copywriters devise headlines that resonate with their audience and our digital gurus produce responsive websites that take users on a journey through your brand.



Even the most well-constructed strategies and meticulously planned events will fall down without exquisite execution. We pride ourselves in always delivering our work to the highest standard.

So if you need print or media management, have an opening night that must run smoothly or a story that needs to reach the right audience, we’ll deliver the goods.


Great things come in threes. Not just service descriptions and the BeeGees, but dots too. The ones incorporated in our logo create an ‘S’ in morse code.

Latest Work

Australia Cares

The social experiment that made 16 million people ask themselves; Can I Foster?

Key Assets are a not-for-profit foster care agency that came to us for help with recruitment. Their main goal: to find foster homes for the 43,000 Australian children in need of care and protection.

The first step was to gauge community awareness for foster care through a national omnibus survey. The results of this survey provided our insight; with 47% of people saying they knew ‘little or nothing’ about foster care, we could not embark on a recruitment campaign without first raising awareness and educating the public about the need.

We know Australian’s are a friendly and caring bunch, so when faced with the reality of 43,000 children needing care, we felt strongly that people wouldn’t just walk passed. To demonstrate this, we set up hidden cameras is Australia’s biggest pedestrian mall and filmed for 8 hours to see people’s reaction to a child standing scared and alone in the middle of the weekend shoppers. We then amplified this with PR and advertising which drove enquiries to a purpose built microsite.

The cross-channel campaign reached 167 million people across 13 countries, securing coverage in online media, TV and radio. It drove 1,300 enquiries from people interested in becoming foster carers, and sparked conversations about foster care across Australia and the world, challenging people to ask themselves, ‘Can I foster?’.


Campaign Results:

167 Million Impressions
13 Countries
1311 Enquiries in 4 weeks

Your Team

A group of highly skilled, slightly quirky individuals pulled together from around the world by a love of making content that people can’t help but share – and quokkas, we love quokkas.

Jason Manning Managing Director
Kirsty Visman Australian Director
Nicole Hope PR Manager
Mike Crate Lead Creative
Amy Nibbs International Liaison
UK Team Multiple Skills

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